I have recently embarked on a “need for a soul makeover” expedition due to high stress levels at work and at home. The result was early warning signs of a stroke (T.I.A) that could have had devastating consequences. I have discussed this topic with you in the GYM and will later discuss more “formal” issues with you in the LOUNGE.

Whilst having a cold drink and relaxing in the hammock, I was looking at my very first Dining Room set, now having a honorary, yet prominent, place on the back porch (“stoep” as it’s known in Afrikaans – still try to figure out who came up with this word and why?).

It is then that I realised that it to needs a “makeover”. What better way to combine the two makeovers into one. The two old souls can become one and can “renew” each other. With no effort what-so-ever…

Old dining room set

Old dining room set

Like any project I managed in the past and still managing, I needed nonhuman resources (equipment, materials and facilities), a defined start and end time as well as a tight budget – No problem what-so-ever.

The initiation phase was completed, now I needed to go the next level of the project and that is the planning phase. I need to define the work requirements, the quality and quantity of work, the resources needed, schedule the activities and evaluate the various risks involved. With this project the quality is not that important as my old dining room set will not move back into the house.

Well with this project, the only risk involved is that the neighbours might get annoyed with the noise of the sander. It’s a change I have to take or else I will land up back in the GYM or worse, the SICK BAY.

Resources required:

  1. Sander or sanding paper (Preferably the sander)
  2. Staple Gun and staplers
  3. Old off-cut material or an old curtain
  4. Sponge for the seating areas
  5. Cushions (new or some staged away in the linen closet)
  6. Old Paint Brush or sponge
  7. Old Coffee tin or small bucket to pour the wood sealant in
  8. 500 ml wood sealant for indoor and outdoor use (Ebony or colour of choice) – personally I prefer “Classic GRIPSEAL available at any leading Hardware Shop
  9. 500 ml Ice cold drink or more (OPTIONAL) – depending on the quantity your spouse will allow…

Now it’s time to start with the execution phase of the project:

After downing 250 ml or more of the 500 ml “cold drink” you will have enough courage and energy to start with the sanding task.

You don’t have to sand up to the bare wood but enough for the surface to be absorbent. Once the sanding phase is completed, remove all dust with a semi wet cloth and down the rest of the “cold drink” as you might need it after all the dust.

Now you can start with the painting task. Use brush or sponge to apply as per directions on the wood sealant container. At this point of time you might refill the empty glass if so required.

Allow for the sealant to dry and cut pieces of sponge (about 10 cm thick) the exact size of the seating area. The material should be cut 10 cm bigger than the sponge in order to fold it over and underneath the seating area where you will staple the material to the wood. (Do not refill your glass at this point of time as you might end-up stapling your fingers to the chair instead of the material)

Now place the sponge on the seating area, cover it with the material of your choice and staple the material on the bottom of the seating area with the staple gun. Do not pull the material to tight as it might rip out over time. Try to do this before you go to the gym as you might waste scares and valuable “resources”.

The result is of three fold – you have replaced your focus and energy, you have used both sides of your brain and you feel good about the end results. Now you can invite the annoyed neighbours for dinner. Preferably the day after.


After makeover

A job well done!!!! Now you can move on to the next project with absolute confidence and a chip on your shoulder.

BRAVO – Mission complete…

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