Accelerating the Management Process


Today, there is a huge fear in the market.

Some of my professional friends are really fearful of where things are headed. Some examples of these worries are the following.



  • We are seeing fewer hits on our company website.
  • We just lost client B to Company XYZ
  • Company XYZ has changed owners, will they still do business with us?
  • Supplier XYZ has been bought out and is discontinuing the supplies that we need.

It really is more a sign of the current culture. In the past, corporate executives would spend lots of time investigating these issues and looking for people and department to blame with respect to these issues. This type of thinking still exists today. With today’s constant changing occurring, a new mindset is needed. This mindset looks looks at the following:

  1. Quickly taking responsibility for these items
  2. Quickly finding a way to correct the situation at hand
  3. Quickly readjusting and implementing new processes
  4. Quickly looking forward and looking for continual changes in service, marketing and efficiency

Notice the key word here is “Quickly”



With companies constantly being purchased, sold and going out of business it is becoming increasingly important to keep in touch with people like never before. In addition, other companies are looking to move quicker and faster. Some companies understand this, others are struggling with the concept of change. Make sure you are aligning yourself with companies that are growing if you are going to grow too. Watch for companies that are starting to fall off or are looking to sell to another company. Be ready and be prepared.

Also, before you make a sizable purchase in supplies or assets, do yourself a favor and go and check out the company. It might be one of the best decisions you will make. We recently did this at our company and we learned quite a bit of information that will help us move in a more efficient manner in the future.



Clients have so much information at their fingertips and are always looking for more information about your company. Take the opportunity to understand the following:

  1. How could our services increase sales for our clients
  2. What information are people looking for on our website, that they are not finding
  3. What type of expectations do clients expect from us?
  4. Are there areas where our clients are using our competitors’ offerings instead of ours?


It is time to move faster in this process of serving clients. Too much time is spent on issues that are mostly irrelevant to serving clients. More time needs to be focused on gaining productivity and accelerating the decision-making process in order to be successful in this environment. Minimizing distractions and focusing on hard deadlines is very helpful and it sets a good precedence for achieving goals that are a win-win for internal clients and external clients.

The choice is really up to you!

Are you seeing a similar scenario play out at your company?

How are you reacting?



photo credit: Daniel Petzold >> via photopin cc