Be A Rock For Others – Be Dependable

Every one needs a person who is a rock they can trust; one they can lean on who is dependable. Equally, amongst those who matter most to you, you need to be dependable. The more dependable you are the more personal success and fulfilment you will have.

Dependability is important to the success of every team, every marriage, every family and every individual. To succeed you need to know upon whom you can and can’t depend.


For those of you who are married, you’ll know marriage is about two imperfect people coming together to develop a relationship that depends on each other. Your spouse is meant to be your best friend, your other half, and your closest support.

In any relationship, to be dependable means you will be there through the storm as well as the calm. No matter how tired, distracted or even overwhelmed, your contribution is always consistent. A true friend is always there for a friend. I confess I don’t make friends easily, but the ones I have know they can count on me. A pastor friend of mine knows he can reach out in need at any time and I’ll be there to encourage him, challenge him and love him unconditionally.

When you look over your life and the roles you have, how dependable are you?

Being dependable means you not only know, but you always do the right thing. When you live and lead with integrity, you will be dependable. When you give your word, as my dad taught me, you keep your word. Do that and you become dependable, a person others can trust to get things done.

To be a rock, you must first become a rock.

To me, dependability is about relationships. You do things for others because you want to not because you have to. Whatever role or roles you hold, guaranteed it will require good relationships for you to be effective.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a leader, coach, father, husband, neighbor, servant or minion. To thrive in those roles you must be dependable.

To be dependable you must live by the golden rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is the essence of “loving your neighbor as yourself.” When you are dependable it often means you must put others before yourself. When our kids have a fight when supposedly working as a team, it’s always because one, other or both are putting themselves first. Over time, left unchecked, such skewed motives will mean they would become undependable. How many of us know a “team” member like that? wpid-img_4199146229494.jpeg

For any relationship to grow and flourish it must have a solid foundation. It cannot be build on sand; it must be built on rock. That rock is love – love for yourself, love for what you do and love for those you serve. The leading companies know this. When you look at the list of the top 100 companies to work for, they understand that to lead is to serve. People come first. Relationships come first – be it with their team, their suppliers or their customers. When you put others first, you strengthen relationships, grow in influence and become dependable.

To truly succeed you will need other people to make your dreams, desires and goals come true. You will need dependable people. Dependable people tend to flock together.

They know to get to where they want to go, like geese, they must be able to rely on others to help them get there. That means you. You too must be dependable if you are to lead the way.

Your Powerplay

Do one thing each day this week to show you are dependable. Start with those who matter most.

by Dr Richard Norris on August 11, 2014