Several years ago I was in the best place of my life and well on my “destiny to greatness…”

As Senior Consultant at a major banking group based in Brooklyn, South Africa I have been the recipient of several awards for being the best in our Region week after week and month after month. My goal was to achieve the ultimate accolade and that was to be the youngest Executive at the Banking group I was working for.

Whilst networking with Attorneys, Bond Originators and Estate Agents in the area an internal Newsletter was placed on my desk. Upon my return I noted a picture of a magnificent cruise ship and it immediately caught my attention. – A 10-day Mediterranean Cruise on the Ocean Voyager.


Being young and ambitious and never being outside the borders of South Africa, I decided to cut out the picture of the cruise liner and stick it up against my office wall as an everyday reminder that I WILL be part of that trip.


You see, I was and will always be a believer that we as humans should believe that everything is possible and that everything can be achieved once you set your mind to it and focus on becoming someone or going somewhere.

We tend to place ourselves in boxes of limitations by the way we are brought up, dictated by society or allowing certain factors or other people to pull us down. We are ALL created equal and created to fulfil our destiny to greatness…

Below and behold and after continuing winning several awards, my name was the first to be announced at a prestigious award ceremony held in Sandton. Our CEO’s wife was sitting next to me at the same table and we were chatting like old friends that haven’t seen each other for a long time. Being so caught up in our conversation, I did not here my name being called out by the group executive.

It was only when everyone was staring at me that I realised that something out of the ordinary was happening. I turned around and saw my name on the big screen. I remember hugging our CEO’s wife with tears running down my cheeks. The moment was frozen in time…

When approaching the stage, it felt like I was in heaven and the reality only hit me when the travel documents was handed over to me by the group executive.


What a wonderful feeling and experience and a clear message that through pure determination you can achieve any goal you have set for yourself.

Never underestimate your own abilities and keep on believing and growing within yourself and your abilities to conquer the impossible. 

The trip started with a cocktail in the VIP Lounge at the airport with an opportunity to meet our chairman, Chris Liebenberg. Previously the Minister of finance of South Africa… the cherry on the cake…. Yes, I did achieve my other goal by being appointed as Branch Manager in Midrand.