When I first went for an interview at one of South Africa’s major banking groups, my goal was to become the youngest executive and the person on the other side of the desk was just smiling…



Upon my return from the 10-day Mediterranean cruise as mentioned in Part 1, I was nominated for the “Executive Mentorship Program” under the wings of the most remarkable Leaders, Elsie Lumka and Antoinette Strydom.

I then became full time Acting Branch Manager at Brooklyn Branch after my Branch Manager, Antoinette, left the group to pursue her dreams in another field. The branch was already growing substantially month on month under her leadership and WE AS A TEAM and a GREAT team, embraced legacy and applying a view new styles, WE slowly but surely became the best branch in our Region and 7th place Nationally.

YET another step to claiming my destination to greatness… Why? Because I wanted to change the outlook/perception of how a leader should be like and operate after studying poor and remarkable leaders and to find a middle way. A winning recipe which I can take forth on my journey to greatness…

I have later started a Blog called “Leadership Active”, now called “DESTINY TO GREATNESS” as the previous name was limited to only a view as not everyone wants to become a leader or manager of people. Destiny to greatness covers a wider aspect as we go on our journey to greatness. (NOT for Fame and fortune, but to leave a legacy behind)

In short – the illustration below sums ups everything a Leader or Manager should be and finding the correct balance within yourself and between work and play:


You will note that I am starting to talk about “finding a balance within yourself” and will be referring to this often.

My Mentor was unfortunately transferred to another Division and I was left stranded within the “Executive Mentorship Program” – This is where finding a balance within yourself comes in.

People come and go and some will favour you and others won’t… This is reality, this is life. A lesson not being taught in all the studies and research I have done on my journey to greatness. (To protect the identities of truly GREAT, people the story will take a little twist.)

I might have been well on my way to claiming my destiny to greatness but the destiny to greatness within was lacking as I could not adopt to the new environment after my mentor left… (Change Management).

In any working environment, we must be able to adopt to changes as you can very easily get lost in a whirlpool of extreme darkness and get thrown of guard and off balance.


The message I want to convey is that Leadership, Change Management and Innovation Management (thinking) goes hand in hand and Claiming your destination to greatness is finding the perfect balance between the latter.

Our destiny not always comes without challenges and never assume that the golden spoon of luck and fortune will be handed to you on a golden tray. It takes hard work, dedication and consistency but with finding the perfect balance kept in mind.

 Once again LIMPING Creates the desire to be GREAT!