Don’t be ashamed to tell your story as it might inspire others


In this content, I want to disagree with Don Henley who said “Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge” but in the content of LIFE, I do agree as living in the past is to imprison yourself in a prison called “BLAME AND SHAME”.


Starting my own business for the second time around was the best thing to do at this point of time as – taking a break from the “Corporate World” has given me insight and exposure into the small business environment.


An “INSTANT BOWL OF OATS” of which only the University of LIFE can teach you – Managing Finances, budgets, marketing, public relations, HR relations, etc. (All well planned, not by me but by God)

I was fortunate to get an opportunity to start with the first garden in the Midstream Estate, thanks to a dear colleague of mine.

Once again, God opened so many doors as the Developer was satisfied with the work done and their property was on the corner and people driving past, could see the progress.

For the first time in my life, I felt so close to God and nature. Being relaxed and feeling inspired I was just wondering how God must have felt when he created heaven and earth. Doing it with so much love, detail and passion. Words totally fail me…
With limited resources the business was booming and it felt great!!!

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Travelling through Europe and seeing the most perfectly planned gardens, gave me so much inspiration and Magda gave me freedom to re-create a small piece of Italy in their garden.

Once again, this came down to hard work and absolute dedication but still not finding the perfect balance between work and play. Takin care of your health and wealth simultaneously.

Admittingly, I could not find the balance and the business closed and lost more than R350 000.00 in the process due to non-payment of outstanding accounts.
It was extremely difficult to recover because of the above. Now with 3 teams, in the field and winter fast approaching, there was no way out…

The worst part of this journey was not losing my property and all vehicles in the process but to convey the message to my employees that the business is closing. This was the most painful experience as we were like a family…

My advice for any start-up business owner – make provision for bad debt and having a process in place to try and recover as much as possible. Make sure that you have a well calculated and realistic cashflow projection and in times of great fortune, create or open an investment account as any business will go through tough times at one stage.


This is for sure not how my journey or story is going to end and therefore I said in the beginning, never burn bridges with employees and or your networks as you never know when you must go back on the same road again…

Giving my best, or going beyond the call of duty, I was fortunate to be re-appointed by my previous employer as a SME Business Portfolio Manager working closely with their Corporate Division.

With God as my foundation, my rock and my pillar, I had the power again to say, this is not how my story is going to end… God has yet another bigger plan for my life…