On my journey and destiny to greatness, life had to through me a curve ball which I did not know how to play. No one can ever prepare you or teach you to play this curve ball called “cancer” especially on a journey or “Destiny to Greatness”.

No one will ever know or prepare you for this as each one of us handle difficulties in accordance to a set of rules or “foundation” that was laid in your first 6 years on earth…

What I most longed for was to achieve the ultimate accolade in my career and to feel understood and valued by those closest to me. All of this no longer matters as your body and mind goes into “survival” mode and leaving this life with dignity and pride became the sole purpose of my existence.

Chasing a dream of a great future has taken the back seat and things I have strayed away from became my first priority…a life enriched by deep, meaningful relationships with friends, family, and even co-workers.

The urge to do good and help others in any means and way became an almost obsession. To put my needs first has gone astray. Yes, my Destiny to Greatness is still part and parcel of my existence and purpose on earth but it was reborn in the sense that I want to do it in a way that I want to enrich other people’s lives, change their outlook and make them stronger through my pain and suffering. No longer do I want to walk this journey alone…

Making a difference in other people’s life’s became my vision and mission. To help people grow, my personal applause and strength. To see others achieve success, my existence and reason for keep on fighting a painful yet rewarding life.

If I had the opportunity to change my life and choose to live it without cancer, I would decline and not change a thing… (The “I” became “WE” – The 1 became thousands…)

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